Kerala Pravasi Welfare Association (KPWA) is a Registered Charitable Society pioneered into functioning with the motto “Enlighten, Empower & Emerge” by a group of devoted-self-made NRK individuals a decade ago.  Since then, it has made its presence felt as an irrefutable movement with a definite social concept and vision. KPWA is the single largest NRK NGO in Kerala. It has been instrumental in influencing various socio-political scenarios to take better shapes for the total benefit of common public, especially NRIs, in many occasions. It has already been proved that KPWA is an inevitable force which stands for the upliftment of the entire NRKs irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, faith and colour, especially the unprivileged section. Right of Voting, Pension Schemes and other Welfare Programs introduced by Central and State Governments are our few achievements among many.   Its involvement in day-to-day issues of weaker section made it obvious that KPWA has emerged as social reformist force that enjoys fullest support of tens of thousands.  

KPWA is the only Organization that voices the concern of Financially weaker NRKs without any political target or power sharing strategy. Its milestone is to uplift of downtrodden & marginalized, unify the less cared, enlighten them about their rights, empower the weaker section, emerge them as an unavoidable social force and lead them to the forefront.

KPWA which is headquartered in Kollam stretches all over Kerala with its contact centres functioning at every nook and corner.

Let us join hands together, unite together, work together for better tomorrows.