Our Mission

  1. To serve the cause of Entire Non Resident Keralites in particular and other financially weaker sections in our society.
  2. To promote the welfare of women, children, senior citizens and physically changed in our society.
  3. To encourage and enforce communal amity
  4. To provide facilities to uplift the educational level, living standard & environment of the downtrodden and the less cared.
  5. To encourage the affluent to invest in the welfare of the rural poor.
  6. To train the youth and adults to achieve the above objectives.
  7. To make the young generation aware of the opportunities thrown open for all and the responsibilities of each individual to the society.
  8. To provide adequate vocational training to the youth and help them to find better placement near and far.
  9. To encourage the youth and adults to be self-reliant, cooperative and prosperous
  10. To encourage the youth and adults to be role model to the society and for the new generation.

By means of: -

    • Job oriented Education
    • Creating Supplementary income for families
    • Encouraging self employment and part-time employment
    • Awareness programs on savings, de-addiction, sexually communicable diseases etc